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Reviews for "Flipped."

That so cool :)

super cool! The "going in reverse" thing was super well done.

I have one complaint though. What does him getting drunk have to do with the other parts? Did he get so drunk that he said to himself, "why don't I just go rob a convenient store?" It just doesn't make sense to me.

Emrox responds:

'Cause he's NUTSO!

This blew my mind! You made this very well, I know if I was animating this it would take me forever because I would get confused on how to make it go backwards, so props to you on that!

reversed, just for the sake of doing it?!

So he got drunk? That's it?
Each part dosen't connect; it's just random parts put together with no logic to it.
He steals, because he's drunk?

An idea with doing a reversed animation is good, but without ANY story to it, it fails...
Shallow as hell...

Wow. Original, creative, and the music really was made just right to sound awesome and well placed in reverse. You did a great job on this and your animation was generally flawless.

Emrox responds:

Thankya, sir.