Reviews for "A Thief's Tale"

that was awsome

i really enjoyed this! the music was great. flash was awesome. and it was just long enough.

i never knew that 20rupees could alter time! Link! now you don't have to learn the song of time! just get urself a red rupee at night. man, that makes things easy.

loved the 8-bit song
loved the art work
good job

digsBot responds:

thank you my man!

Very nice! Loved the main character's look, and the music fit well. Like JerrodStorm, I also would suggest character exaggeration. It would really give the animation that extra something.

digsBot responds:

Thank you!
Yeah, I really need to emphasize the exaggerations more to make it stand out and make it more lively. Thank you again and I'm very glad you enjoyed it!