Reviews for "A Thief's Tale"

loved the anti gravity boots.
ho and good choice on the music!

just wondering. did anyone else notice how most of the featured videos today are about time travel??????

Awesome! But is the song a 8 bit version of Song 2 by Blur?

Awesome music. Nuff said.

Quite an animation you have here. Not only was the song really catchy, but the animation was very smooth through out most of the video. I also like how the little guy looks "cartoony", I like your style of work even when it's rushed is where I'm getting at. You picked a good song from Renard, I love some of his songs. Anyways, I think you could have added more shading to certain people and things to really spice it up if you know where I'm getting at. But then again, that could just be your style of art for I'm not too familiar with your work. Though I think I'll visit some of yours just to see what I've been missing out on! Overall, very good animation.

digsBot responds:

Ahh, nice to see someone know about Renard too! His music is uncannily fantastic.
Yeah, I easily woulda added shading but rushing through was a pain. Unfortunately I feel for this tournament a majority of it will be me rushing through so I might not be able to throw in as many colors, shading, and lighting as I would like . Thank you for your review! Nice to see a fellow Renard/ Lapfoxtrax fan and I'm happy you liked it!