Reviews for "A Thief's Tale"

What a stupid thief. He at least sell it.


You mean to tell me, that that shiny red thing I found in the dump that afternoon.....
I'll be right back....

Great animation!

Great job, Gravity boots activate.

Absolutely loved it! Animation, story, music - all 5 stars!
Post this track on your page please!

The animation itself was very good. Reminded me a bit of the Scott Pilgrim comics, which is a good thing. The music I felt fit perfectly with the flash, and it also gave off an SP vibe as well.

I thought the story was clever, too. Him tossing out the very thing he broke into the museum to steal was a nice touch. And like someone below me somewhere said, if this is a rush job, I look forward to seeing something where you get to dedicate more time to it, because this is already very good.