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Reviews for "Get Closer"

Very well done! So true about what happens at times with any type of relationship. Very artistic! Music was great too!

love the music. love the quote how to get closer :D

pretty great i loived the music

Super awesome game. Kind of short, but it's to be expected from a Ludum Dare game. In fact, for a Ludum Dare game this had surprisingly good graphics. The story was told pretty smoothly as well, the message in it was understandable even when the game didn't tell you directly what it meant, like how near the end it became easier to obtain the hearts, so it gets easier to get closer. That's a feature that'll score you a ton of points in games, no matter how simple the story is. The music was good, fit extremely well into the game.

One complaint though, the controls get a little messy. When you have a game that involves circular motion such as this one, you gotta make sure that the controls get switched whenever you're up at the top of the circle (down makes you go down instead of up when you're at the top of the circle, left makes you go right, etc.) and this made the "impossible level" almost literally impossible for me. But great job, I'd love to see more of your work. If this is what you can do in 48 hours, I'd like to see what you can do in a month!

Super adorable, short but amazing.
It almost made me cry. ;___;