Reviews for "Days Of Yore 2"

Ahhhh dude your stuff is always so fun and squishy. I wish real life moved as nicely as your toons.

molkman responds:

Merci, masteur. :>

holy crap is just saw someone who knows about shaman king :hors:
i never ever see someone who knows about shaman king!
oh and amazing animation work there very funny.

There was just something I really loved about this.

Art and animation were both very simple, but the colors were REALLY nice and popped out, animation had a very nice fluent effect and it had this sort of rhythm and pace that was kinda hard to describe... but I loved it. It never got boring, everything's constantly moving, it just kept me interested. You seem to understand motion and the way physics works, but you over-exaggerate it without making it just go off and stop making sense, it's just fun to watch. THIS THING IS ACTUALLY PLEASANT TO LOOK AT. All the cartoony sound effects you put in it matched so well.

Voice-acting was great, very over-the-top and just well-done. Mic quality could've been better, I mean if anything, but other than that I really enjoyed it.

This whole thing is basically just a good, well-paced and well-thought-out cartoon that is fun to watch and not just an ugly, failed attempt at copying someone else's style. You actually have your OWN style of drawing and animating, and I think it is great. One of the few videos on here that I actually want to watch more than once.

Well-done, I want to see more.

molkman responds:

Thanks alot, dog.

Loved it, good work ;P Should definatly be on front page

Ahh, to be able to mess with someone like that would be priceless! xD Good job with the story! I would love to watch more ^^