Reviews for "Days Of Yore 2"

I almost didn't watch it because the thumbnail was pretty bad. I'm glad I didn't judge the book by it's cover this time.

You are the pace master. Not only do your sounds and animations fit together perfectly, but they work together in harmony. While it's apparent that your animations CAN be improved, i'm not quite sure what they would become if you did. Even from your title I can tell that everything in this animation is done on purpose.

You should try to be careful when making facial expressions. You seem to be making fun of your own animation. That right is reserved for parodies.

molkman responds:

I have kind of a loose way of adding in facial expressions, they pretty much pop up out of intuition.

holy crap is just saw someone who knows about shaman king :hors:
i never ever see someone who knows about shaman king!
oh and amazing animation work there very funny.

awwww, i feel so good, wen he kicks his nuts hahaha

molkman responds:

Justice is being restored there.

I watched this the day it was realesed but seeing your impassioned grieving at lack of views i thought i should give it a review... because it's all round great! I like your art style a lot, the characters are fun and full of life and the block colour backgrounds have a suprising professionalism to them thanks to their clean smoothness. The voice actingw as spot on, amusing satyrs of the vocal style of the period and this wonderful delivery combined with the excellent script and dialogue had me laughing throughout. The ending especially cracked me up, some how the accents make the insult even more amusing.
And i'm yet to speak of your charming animation! Really smooth and bouncy, a nice blend of tweens and fbf. I think some of the facial expressions and arm stretching were a bit too over the top, or atleast a bit over used. It's really just a matter of preference but i think the wacky expressions lose their comedic effect when used almost constantly. I liked the concept and the pacing was fast enough to remove any of those awkward pauses animated comedies sometimes have.
All in all i thought it was very funny and well executed!

molkman responds:

Thanks for the great review. :)

I was pretty shocked at first when I put it up on NG and it totally fell off the radar with NG freezing.

The animation has a real nice personality to it, and was quite smooth.

It was pretty funny too, the only problem I have with it is your lip syncing, it needs to be touched up a bit.

But overall nice work, it had personality.