Reviews for "The use of time travel"

Okay, wow, I thought the animation and art direction were awesome, I was pleasantly surprised at how all the graphics looked together, usually when people draw scenes from the past and future it's hard to get the same art style and the whole movie suffers. with this movie it was tied together so well, it could easily be described as seamless. very nice.
Two problems with it I had though, jonny-13 didn't change his voice voice very much for the solders line, not that the movie suffered from that one line, but I think it could have easily been substituted with a turn of the head and a shrug.
Anyway the other problem I had with this movie is that it's too short, even though I really like it, there's just not enough to (close though) say I loved it.

Cenaf responds:

Jonny was ill a bit so he couldn't done better. And i know its a bit short but 1.5 minutes all i could finish till 10th of may for NATA

You need to get a mic from somewhere other than Argos, was still awesome though.

The art of the animation was well drawn and very cool, the background music was exciting and the voice act though doesn't sound like Nazis was ok. If anyone who had watched the documentaries Ancient Aliens would say that is how people in the past believe in gods, they see the power of technologies as something like magic and for my guess of what is going to happen in the future in animation is they will create a lot epic movies, animations relating to something like final fantasy and DOTA. beings with power not understandable being called as magic.

I liked the art and animation, but the sounds and voice acting needs work.

Cenaf responds:

thanks, yea i know. I ll give it a bit more time next movie.

So they are the ones that created homework!

Cenaf responds:

good thing someone else created dogs to eat it.