Reviews for "The use of time travel"

not a bad flash, the drawings, lines, and animation was soomth. nice job on the sound effects as well. feel bad for the one solider that got hit by the rock though, shoulda been more aware lol

Cenaf responds:

every army should have a looser who gets all the kicks\rocks\rockets on hes ass.

good work on the falling tower animation :D
it looked nice and very believable.
good designs for the futuristic army and war vehicles.
work on this as a series maybe?

the idea of a time travel war is awesome btw

Cenaf responds:

I wont continue this as series, sadly.

Mechanazis are jerks.

Cenaf responds:

they deserve not existing. Thats what they do :O

why did those "mecha natzis"- as tharos the dragon called them- attack the knights.