Reviews for "The use of time travel"

Great Job!

Really nice work!

I can't believe this had no awards on NG!

Cenaf responds:

That mean i didnt deserve any yet

all of it was AWESOME the voice the guns the awesome castles dude! 5 stars if there was 100 I would vote 100 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The art of the animation was well drawn and very cool, the background music was exciting and the voice act though doesn't sound like Nazis was ok. If anyone who had watched the documentaries Ancient Aliens would say that is how people in the past believe in gods, they see the power of technologies as something like magic and for my guess of what is going to happen in the future in animation is they will create a lot epic movies, animations relating to something like final fantasy and DOTA. beings with power not understandable being called as magic.