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Reviews for "Taco-Man Safety Tips"

nice to see you around here again man, i love that parody of those old 70's-80's hero cartoons psa's, nice work man

Samination responds:

Thanks man! Lots more of these to come!

Oh, Taco-Man... putting your poor sense of judgement over your even poorer sense of the worth of human life. I still can't figure out why you haven't been arrested yet.

Funny as always.

Samination responds:

They'll get him one day.

I saw the cartoon on rablats... Hey! why dont you do Taco-Man plays a video game on Newgrounds!

Samination responds:

I'm considering it now that I can upload video here.

i like how old fashioned the kids looked perfecto!

haha that is an amazing place to hide ive been in a refrigerator for 11 weeks now :)