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Reviews for "Taco-Man Safety Tips"

It's been quite some time, Sam. I missed Taco-Man doing something that wasn't playing a video game.

This animation was short and sweet, and had a funny message. Reminds me of the Superfriends. Anyways, now I'll always win at hide and seek! Thanks!

Samination responds:

Yeah, I miss him in that cape. I'm excited to bring it back!

The animation was pretty good, but it could have been a lot more funny and a little longer.

Hmm, I can tell from the animation that this is an older cartoon, but I don't remember seeing it before. I must have, because it looks old. Anyway, what struck me as being really cool about this was how the animation still holds up. I think the kids in this kind of look Hispanic. What I was disappointed at was how this was so short. It was just Taco-Man giving some bad advice.

Taco-Man makes me hungry. Anyway, it was nice to watch because it was a bit unexpected for him to do that. Of course, you could have also not spoiled it in the author comments. It vaguely reminds me of the "Superfriends" cartoon. I guess it's just funny to see Taco-Man as a good superhero.

Samination responds:

I love that you can't tell it's new. It's short, but I plan to make a series of them. At least one every 2 weeks. :)

short 2 short and not even funny

nice to see you around here again man, i love that parody of those old 70's-80's hero cartoons psa's, nice work man

Samination responds:

Thanks man! Lots more of these to come!