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Reviews for "Taco-Man Safety Tips"

Strange to hear what sounded like Oney's voice in such an unfunny cartoon.

Taco-man please get up you have lost your touch in this video.The whole video is:
2 kids play hide ,and seek one wants to hide in a refrigerator Taco-man comes ,opens the door ,and leaves.

"i luv taco-man but this was not dat intresting"

I agree.
When I got into Taco-Man I remember Taco-Plays (a video game) and that Captain N parody. I was dieing to see mroeof those but the sort of ended. was hoping more would come out but they didn't and my interest in Taco-Man died after that.

To be clear I would LVOE more of those but it's not that I love Taco-Man so much that him just being in any internet short is going to make me watch it.
Please bring back those classic internet shows featuring him that made him popular (at least with my and my crowd.) Even if you don't have much time for them, maybe doing them in your off time would stil be worth it. I miss him.

awww, no resolution to the story? Man, I hate cliffhangers...

...though I really like your animations :D