Reviews for "Paradox Pandemonium"


Lankie responds:

Much Obliged! c:

This was good, I hope to see your next NATA flashes!

Lankie responds:

Aaaaasuming I get through that is! ^^
Thanks for watching!

Haha I loved this, Great idea!
I Thought the jokes really hit the mark.
I would only say that your mic quality wasn't that great, so for that I deducted HALF A STAR!
Good luck in NATA I'm sure this'll get through the open round!

Lankie responds:

Yay! Glad you liked the humour, after 50 times watching it over and over it started to get...not funny to me. So to hear that you think it's funny is pretty reassuring!

Looks like im'a have to invest in a better mike though!

Thanks again! ;D

Clever. :) Kick's my entry's butt, for sure. At least as far as entertainment value and originality. Sound quality is a little low, though.

Lankie responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately I only had a cruddy USB mike to work with. Something I'll need to improve on I guess.
Good luck in NATA shenanigans! :D