Reviews for "Luke"

awww yeah! Luke got himself some dark chocolate!

I did get stuck on one part. It was short and sweet. I agree with most of what everyone else has said so I won't bother repeating it. Interesting game, that's for sure.

Creative at it's best.
I'm not a fan of Point and Click games but this game is hilarious. Although that soundtrack is quite annoying after awhile.
Difficult, yet logical in my opinion. LOL
Bird Feather + Ice Cube + Extremely cold lady + Exorcist = Exorcism + TIME Exorcist of the Year.
Well done.

lol funny ending they so deserved that!

I'm a HUGE fan of point n click adventure games, and this was a short yet entertaining submission.
Everything was very well thought out, from the music to the art style, and the simple yet clever puzzles.
Keep up the great work and please make more adventure games!