Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

3 stars for good 3d animation, but generic environments, too shiny looking. The story was dull, cliche. What kind of bounty hunter straight up shoots there target without even trying to anything peacefully first? Don't get me wrong, the animation is great, just get better at the other aspects such as plot.

On a side note not affecting my rating: Furries are the only fetish that people want to share with the world. Please stop it. It is arbitrary; to be honest having humans would be more fitting in this setting. Just as robots would fit in a robotic setting, or as exotic animals would fit in a jungle setting.
tldr: Don't use furries for the sake of using furries; use them if it is important to the story, or some other necessity.

well the new mp4 upload thing doesnt work, ive reloaded the page atleast 5 times...i cant give a rating and it wont allow me to send a mesage without it.

Although the animation quality is very high the story itself is kind bland and forced. I can't see a bounty hunter using such excessive force to bring in an unarmed bounty. Also the "dramatic pauses" were not needed. Again it looks fantastic but please re-frame from the Micheal Bay school of movies.

its just a huge cat

I loved the animation. How could I not right? The visuals were great. The train was fantastic. The movement of the characters was smooth. Very pleasing to look at.
Now for the story. Not much there in my opinion. I understand it was never ment to be a narrative, but it would have been nice if the interaction between the two characters didn't feel so forced. When the male character was noticed by the female character and made that stereotypical anime "Oops" smile, i couldn't help but say "ugh" out loud.
This was a example that great animation isn't everything. A well written plot would have made it a home run.

I'm giving this a 3, because this is truly the best 3D animation i have ever seen on newgrounds.