Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

Awesome movie :)

pretty good, little stiff, but pretty good,s till
reminds me of FF a little :p but I guess thats ebcause of the cat ears

The animation was very good, but the running felt kinda forced, not really fluid. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be slow-motion or not. If not, then try to make the running more fluid and responsive to each step. Make the characters lighter on their feet as they run. It looked kinda as if they were trudging or slamming their feet as they took a step.

Otherwise, very good job.

This was a complete mastercraft of a movie. I would gladly tell you what you've been told before, how amazing it is, but I won't. I would tell you to make more, but I can only picture how long these four minutes could possibly have taken. I will recommend you to continue these mastercrafts, and if I HAVE to talk about improvements, which I am not happy for, since it'd make the impression I didn't love this movie as much as I do. It would be the running. The gun effects are as perfect as they will EVER be, and the running is all I can point out. All you need to do is improve it a little tad, and then you got it. Some conversation would be fantastic, but in this specific scene there is no need for it.
Else, I'll tell you what you've heard before. It was absolutely amazing. Never seen anything like this, not even in other films like it where people are paid to try and reach what you just did.

the screeming patriot would make more sense but, few things
fagot was used, use some smart words when saying smart things
he is kinda bias, shown pretty blatantly
he made that account less then 24 hours ago, i found the animation quality rather great, the story, simple but powerful. the action was well executed without overstraining how much a love story could handle. and you overall did a very good job