Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

Really loved how detailed this was. Like someone mentioned before, I'm not a whole fan of the anthropomorphism, but I can appreciate the work you put into this. The story was also simple to understand to those who were confused by the ending.

You only have a small piece of the story and it's from the Bounty Hunter's perspective. LenZ might actually have been wrongly accused of whatever he's wanted for. As you can see throughout the video, he never laid a foul hand on Kyu and he had the chance. He had no weapons on him as well. It makes sense that he saved her if he wasn't actually a criminal.

Great story.

Animation: I like the 3D animation, this is awesome. The animation is almost flawless. Though I have one problem. Your environment destruction was a bit off. I am guessing you are using 3D Studio Max, so I am going to assume. You should look up plugins like Rayfire which is excellent for environment destruction. Also Fumefx. The smoke effects was a bit unrealistic, there should be more smoke rushing pass them when they are on top of the train... I mean the train is on fire...

The characters are interesting and I like the world and it makes me want to learn more about it. If you make any more of these, I will be looking forward to it.

I was quite impressed with this. The story was a bit odd, but the sequence of events was engaging, simple, and the annimation overall was of good quality. Good work!

It is so awesome!!!!

but am I the only one who thinks it needs some type of dialogue?
I mean it feels to me that in some parts the characters are ready to shout or say something but then they hold their breath and it leaves this space that feels kinda empty.
and when LenZ walks into the train compartment, I can't really recognize him from the wanted poster.
but other than that... well that and the hair during the end, with all off that wind... and movement, but other than that it's a really awesome piece.

Phenominal animation Also loved the character design! Amazing work!