Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

A great animation in my opinion. Mainly due to that I can't do 3D animations. The one thing that stood out to me animation-wise is how the characters were running. They ran a little too slow for running. And for some of the actions such as the guy picking the girl up felt slow. But all this is just me, I'm a little meticulous when it comes to art and animation.

impressive animation but i didnt really like the physics of her hair and the color of her eyes
still, it was so awesome

Not bad. Very good art style, though there were moments when things just felt slightly off. Like you were trying to go as close to human as possible in facial expression and body shape, but didn't quite make it in some spots. Usually I prefer works to be more comfortable with imperfection, and have several larger flaws as well. Or, you know, being downright perfect. But that fine line in-between can be unsettling to people that pay attention.
I've said it before: If I'm nitpicking about really minor details like that, it's pretty good. Keep up the good work.

ninja flip LIKE A BOSS

It is amazing the expressions you achieved to give the characters. Let's not even mention the childhood memories about "trigun" that are afloting. But what really got my eye are the slow-mo scenes, the last one in particular, the shot, the hair, the earring, it was just...sublime. Thank you for shareing this piece, things like this should make you realize what a bright future you have. Still I can't give you a 5/5 since it had an end, sad thing.