Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

Wonderful! I love you'r animation style :D Reminds me of my fav Final Fantasy part IX. And the story was nice too!

still looks good! but how do you mean,
"Here's my 3D movie, finally finished." ?(news) this is just the version you updated on your site right?

anyway, nice to see you around here again.

LenZ responds:

Yhea it's the same version but that post was half a year ago. I know NewGrounds is more flash oriented and I respect other animators. I wanna thank Tom F. and others gave me the support to post it onto the portal just now.

nice work man i loved the music and story and the 3d animations was superawesome...good work keep doing what you love to do...PIECE.

Wow that was amazing, regular animations are one thing, n=but when someone pulls off a 3D animation that's this good it's just pure awesome. well done

Very well done and very well synched animation a GOOD 3-D animation is hard to come by nowadays and you said you made this in ur college days im curious as to what you are doing now