Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

Im happy, since the new Mp4 player, more 3D animators are posting their works. You have a good use of the camera focus, I liked a lot the character design and the animation. Just a little suggestion, everything is "too clean", the materials in the subway are too clean that doenst look real.

The Real world is IMPERFECT. So adding a little stains and dirt will improve your backgrounds a lot and make more impressive your story.

I liked it, adding to favorites

Cool but you need to spice up the action/speed or camera work.

It felt a bit dead at certain points but that might be because of lack of voice acting/noises.

This is awesome work but you should get a director/editor involved who has experience with cutting frames/scenes to make em the slickest but if this is one of your first video's like this then nvm that because everyone has to learn editting/directing sometime :P

The 3d and animation is great, but it's nothing here that hasn't been done to death. The beginning was very slow and the combat wasn't interesting in any way, just flashy. Basically, I'm saying this lacks creativity.

I can guess what inspired you, but please try to go beyond that.

Now this, THIS is true art right here!

If i could make this a 10, i wouldve made it a 11! GREAT QUALITY! No lag or anything! That school has taught you well i see! TO MY FAVORITES! oh and im one of your fans now!