Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

The animation is amazing and the story was too as well as gripping.
I can see that going to that college paid off!

legit. final fantasy 12 graphics, awesome sause. i loved it. please make more!

LenZ responds:

Thanks! I'm looking at you FF13 versus graphics...hopefully <w< lol

"But why the furries ?"

That is what you must often read concerning this piece of work. I don't know wether you're into this so-called furries fad, and even if you were, I wouldn't judge you or your work depending on this factor, but I know one thing, the design of the characters if very much flawed. For one thing, adding ears, or making an anthropomorphic cat out of nowhere is really what taints this movie for me. And it may very well cause people to disregard this film. That's one thing. The other, as some already noted, is the relative dullness of the environment, everything is way too clean and polished to look real, though I must admit you've got impressing modeling skills, and an eye for urban environment.

Parallel to that is the colour scheme, which is very basic and gives a rough-feel to the world, as if you hadn't finished it yet. As for the story, well, it's too cliché and mellow for my taste. But again, I don't think you're into brutal, mindfucking or sheerly bizarre scenarii. However, in the end, that such a promising 3D animator is on Newgrounds is note-worthy at the very least.

LenZ responds:

Thanks for the review! yhea I do regret that I could put more effort into the background textures now that I understand this experience. And I never fazed with the question for furries when making this lol As long as they tell a story or do something Micheal Bay-ish

Make Ego City like this :D?

LenZ responds:

that's one of my dreams to revision the story in 3d lol Also did you know that on one of the posters at the very beginning next to the wanted picture, you can see EgoCity and some old renders of the city I did from the past flash?

Holy crap that was good, you sir have a future career ahead of you. If I was able to give more than 5 stars here I would've given you 1 Trillion + 1 to grow on.