Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

Kyu's eyebrows are a bit too thick for me to see her as cute. I assume you were going for "cute," her aesthetic direction (wide eyes, slim frame, open face) doesn't read as "badass" or "tough girl" or "aloof". Making the eyebrows thinner and greyish-white to match her bangs would have unified her image's direction a bit.

I felt it was a little lacking narrative-wise. Why is it significant that the characters are cat-human things? What about the whole science-fiction theme? It looks very cool, but it might as well have been two American cowboys fighting on an old steam train, or Mafia gangsters fighting in a modern urban train. The cat-human science-fiction setting didn't feel artistically significant, just something that looked cool. I'm guessing that this was more like an exercise in animation.

The scene where LenZ jumps to the steel crane is a little too sudden. We never even knew there was a steel crane anywhere. Just showing us that crane somewhere, like in the background of one of the close-up shots, would go a long way towards making it read smoother.

The ending was a little sudden. It probably would have read just as well (maybe even better) if you cut out the little kiss entirely and just cut to black while they look at each other.



You did all of this minus the music!? AMAZING! With the spectacular graphics and simple but intriguing plot I can't give this less then a five star rating. Fantastic Job!

It's amazing how much detail the textures and everything has. I can see you must have put on alot of work on this. Keep up the good work!

Brilliant! I'd give a full score for it's overall impressiveness but there are some point that could be improved that I'll mention to keep the review grounded :)

I'll begin by saying the overall piece was very well done. How many people worked on it? what were your tasks specifically? the scope and feel of the animation was very well pulled of, cinematography felt fluid and smooth, and the whole thing was enjoyable and entertaining.

If there are a few small points that could be improved, I think adding a more gritty feel to your textures and a more contrasting approach to lighting would bring the whole thing out a lot more, it felt slightly flatter in some places like the train station. Bringing out the ambient occlusion to let the light and shadow bounce off of the objects themselves instead of seemingly relying on just the environment lighting. Your use of bump/specular mapping was good but it felt a little too 'shiny' in some places, perhaps lowering the specular refractions and working more on the way the light falls into shadow instead of highlights. The train station is the best example of the application of what I'm talking about.

These are just some things I think could bring it out, but those aside the whole thing was great, It, and you, are now on my favorites as I very much look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future!

LenZ responds:

Thx for the pointers, I'll totally get better next time ^^ It's just me doing everything but the music lol