Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

This... Was brilliant.

Excuse me mister but, if you did this by yourself, in college, you must be above levels of pro. There are Fox movies that are not this good. Not even nearly.

Omg O_o
That was really nice made. Didn't ever think i would see 3D made movies on newgrounds.
Almost everything i saw in the movie was really good.
And in anime style, yay. XD (i believe that's what you intented)
Man. You must have put a really long time on that movie.
Kyu looked a bit cute and tough at the same time. Also nice cloths :3
And LenZ looked cute in an akward way. And the touch with animal movements was really good.
I like animalic characters. : )
At the moment that LenZ dodged the shot that smashed part of the train, i was surprised.
You made it look fantastic.
I'm glad that you didn't put focus on the platform befor LenZ jumped on it. Or else we would already know what he would do, and that's no fun. -_-
Cute ending and nice "Wait, what" face on LenZ in the end.

Two things that i thought was less good, is that they look a bit like they are around 13-15 years old and that the movements are a bit slow. (But i don't know or have any idea if those would be a hell lot of more work, since i never have made a movie.)

cool and cute

S* just got real.