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Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

The animation was amazing, and I could tell you put a lot of time into it. The story was also pretty good for a film this length, but it feels very incomplete. Hopefully you plan on continuing it?

what really amzing video everything about it and the ending was a nice touch

A fantastic start

I was pretty taken back with what you have started and presented here, there was alot to take in aswell, and it was a pretty nifty and very interesting flash entry you have submitted here, I am glad to have seen this and hope to see more and hope you keep making much more like this, The animation style on this was pretty interesting, and kind of differant but that was kind of neat and why i liked it even more, The whole 3d style is pretty good and you really have shown the detail and effort that comes along with this type of project, There was some good action in this, but most of all i was pretty amazed with the detail, You have even made some interesting "CHARACTERS" in this one, The animation could be better more smooth and more flowing. The story was abit on the short and could have used more depth to it. but anyways you have something pretty good there was just some minor fixes butother then that it was alright. one thing i forgot to say was "CONGRATS" on the awards its always nice to get those for some hardwork done.

Well here we are at the end here or almost to the end of the review, and What i got from this experience of the flash was that it was an interesting one and you know what you are doing and you have put those forward with ease, some other things could be discussed and so on for improvments. So i have enjoyed what you put up here sofar, i did think you could have put more stuff more things that really grab a viewers attention, So here is the part where i suggest some advice and tips, and i hope you look into some of them, they will help maybe even inspre some new ideas, Make the animation more smooth more flowing, There could be more to the "STORY" though maybe lower the "FILE-SIze" somehow since it was rather large,

This is awesome, might I say, you are one of the best 3d animator's that I know of. Keep up the good work, hope to see more work like this!

AWWESOME! You should make this a series :)