Reviews for "Shadow of the Animators"

Fairly good ainmation, but the video just seemed like a cheap way to get popular, also, you have a battlefield 3 video up on youtube that's completely serious, not taking the piss out of the game. But you seem like a cool dude and I like your style.

TerminalMontage responds:

Hah thanks. I guess it was kinda cheap, it was really a joke though, that I would expect to be Egoraptor's friend after making only 4 animations.


If it only had that last part, the "I hate this game" part, it would be good. As it is, it is too long and I almost quit watching it, but thankfully the last part made it worth. I don't mind long cartoons, but it wasn't funny at all, and I know that not all the cartoons have to be funny, but this one was clearly aiming for comedy, and it failed, except, of course, in the last scene. Nice animation though.

Been a fan ever since release day of dark souls. Keep up with the quality of your work and you'll be the best there ever was or will be.

I clicked the animation hoping it would be shadow of the collossus, and I was so happy when it was, I gave it 5 stars :)