Reviews for "Shadow of the Animators"

It was great and i liked how you did the demon gods voice its just like the one from the game. the rest of the audio was good too but it just kind of bugged me how it cut in and out near the start, but other than that this came out pretty nicely with good tip of the hats to pretty famous online animators plus i got to agree with you on machinima. thanks for that.

TerminalMontage responds:

Hey thanks!

Well... You've quite obviously got the skills I mean, you're on the front page, the animation is fluid, the voice acting is better than most, perhaps a little lacking in emotion at times, (voices are pretty much all I'm good at so this would be the part you'd want to listen to :p) but all in all you've easily got what it takes to become, "One of the greats".

The only issues I have with this animation are the time it took to get going, (but everyone's been bitchin' at you about that so I figure you don't need to hear it again) and, even though you were quite obviously making a joke, the fact you basically just asked to be famous... I'm not sure whether it's because usually people become famous first, then ask how they become this popular or just because it makes you sound a little, I hesitate to say, soulless but it makes it out like you're doing this just for the fame, but I digress, I trust/know that this video is intended as a joke and hope everyone else views it that way too and I fully believe you're doing this primarily because it's your passion :D

Finally, not wishing to sound like a creeper here, but I've had my eye on you since you started and I have to admit I've enjoyed all of your flashes so far, granted sometimes the jokes take a little time to get going but they're there eventually and I always laugh so keep up your amazing work you have my full support! C:

(And if you're ever stuck for an idea or two, I have an over active imagination and no talent with flash animations, so I'd be honoured if you'd consider any of my ideas to inspire you if you're in a creative rut... Wow now I sound like the soulless sell-out!! ;) )

(Only 4.5 stars otherwise I'll feel like a mindless fanboy :3)

TerminalMontage responds:

Thanks! Yeah my voice needs work, I'm working on it! I got the same mic Ricepirate uses so I guess I'm off to an okay start c:

And yeah it was a joke, to expect to become friends with great animators after only 4 animations, hah. Thanks again!

I, for one, liked the slow pace set for most of the flash. It was in line with the Shadow of the Colossus parody and was supposed to make things feel austere and intimidating. It was quite apt, and if it didn't suit the viewer then they didn't understand the reference, that's all. It also helped to have the gag at the end more fast-paced in comparison. I think it worked well. I chuckled at this flash, but now I find myself more concerned with my nostalgic feelings for Shadow of the Colossus...

ANYWHO, 4/5! as usual, good work!

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you! :D

LOL. "i hate thing game. i hate this game."........ good good godd good......

what was the song at the end and also the same as the bellow coment