Reviews for "Shadow of the Animators"

A really great vid "I LOVED IT"

TerminalMontage responds:

Why thank you!

Thou shalt someday became a really fine animator. I mean, your animation skills are really good, an I think you will join into the online animator elite's soon enough. If you just continue making animations as good as your others (and Im pretty sure you will)

And I thought that Machinima joke was really clever. Most of their animations are pretty crap, and you brought it up really good.

Well and at the end I say 5/5

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you! :]

You know, I'm sure most of us have been on a quite similar quest ever since we discovered almighty Newgrounds(at least I know I do). I'm just glad that someone in the vast pits of the universe finally did it. Actually, you've ALREADY done it. Your animation skill is pretty much up there already and this was funny without relying on outbursts of anger. And what you said about Machinima is true...not that they're bad, but its cheap.

TerminalMontage responds:

Hey thanks :]

Look. I like you. I think you got potential. You stroke gold with HIGT: Dark Souls. I watched that shit like 234234 times. You're just what Newgrounds needs, wants, and lacked for a goddamn long time. So let me give you a pro tip (not that I'm a pro, but, still, man, give me some cred): if you're trying to make the point something was boring (i.e. intro of SoC), don't do it by actually boring your audience( (i.e. replicating the intro of SoC). Come up with a creative and funny way of getting the same point across. I'm sure there's plenty. You did exactly that in your Dark Souls video. That's why everyone loved it so much. The key to being successfully funny is that you just gotta think about and predict the perspectives of the viewer.

This video was nevertheless a brilliant idea. (That's why you're awesome and will continue to be). The execution was just poor and lacking, which is nothing a little more time put into planning and experience won't fix. You'll get better. I EXPECT GREAT THINGS FROM YOU BROTHA. THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thanks, you know it seemed like a better idea in my head, then halfway through I almost stopped cause I realized it wasn't funny (even though some people thought it was, bless their hearts), that kind of thinking is what made me gave up animating years ago and decide not to do it (until 3 months ago) I figured I should just stick with it and keep on trucking, I still learned a bit and improved a little, but I definitely need to plan things better so I know exactly what I'm doing, thanks again!

I love how the God-voice just laughed! lol

Well I'm not a fan of Machinima....they're just good for some trailers once in a while. Some of their shorts are pretty crappy....so no.

I'm sure you're well aware that some of those guys actually went to school to learn how to animate, while some....obviously didn't.

Good luck on that road. You have great material. I honestly wanted to see you traverse through the landscape, defeat the Animators, and absorb their powers! lol I wonder what sort of animation power you would have had and who would have to come in to stop you.

I really do wish they gave us more of that game. It was awesome to experience.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you, I wish there was more to SotC :c It was soooo good.