Reviews for "Shadow of the Animators"

great inspiration but!? a tip! is not! them you need to worry about it's me! or people like me who are on the same starting page! they are on a class of there own you and me could never reach! it for it is not! from are time or place to do so!. but you and me are in the same class and as long as you keep that in mind then I guess the greatest challenge is to refold into a new age of animators and artist alike. although I have been here since almost the beginning of it but I lay low to learn and come back with some near impossible to match but! this is my test stage! soon i will get down to business and when I do will be a force to be reckon with! mark my words as Toonyman raises to the thrown you will witness the coming of a real true Artist and the birth! of true art. so let us have a good clean war, I love the challenge.

yeah that the world today

Man... you know, just LOL...
Pfft... my, that's kinda cool. MHAHAHAHA!
(Did you allready noticed that only that guys who where chasing Wander and Agro can Open that Damn Door? Cause if it isn't, then Wander is the only who can't, and goddammit we are unlucky).

nice animation, and cudos on the animation being nice.

Nice poke at the animator Illuminati here at newgrounds.
Great animation and sound, wondering what the god voice actually said.
On a final note, I've been dying to get in the inner circle too, but I don't animate or nothin'. Maybe I could mix drinks for 'em?

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you :]

Mostly gibberish by me, the 'god' effect was pretty simple to do. And you could definitely mix drinks for them. Look into that.