Reviews for "Sonic: Too Fast?"

Yea Suck my Dick

wish I could do that....

pika pika......PIKA PIKA PIKACHU(i have a feeling that i was supposed to kill him.......HE KILLED HIMSELF BITCHES I WAS GONNA KILL HIM)

LOL!!!!!! OH MY GOD! I'm sorry. I had to watch this twice in a row because I could have sworn Sonic said, "Suck Ma DICK!" And he did! That was too damn funny man! I love Sonic and I see you put all of his "sayings" in this. The expressions had to be the funniest part. He looked like he was trying SO hard to speed up and Tails was so confused as he simply walked by him talking to himself and damn-near running in place. You know what...I'm about to watch it again! Brilliant!

that wast to fash