Reviews for "Sonic: Too Fast?"

Failry intense, I always find it amusing that everyone that gets blown into space, hurls straight towards the sun. You'd think at least someone would manage to deviate from the path xD.
Also, do you mind telling me what the ending song was?

why did sonic flew into space.


Don't touch Sonic when he's slow or he will blast up fast then you. =)


an entertaining flash submission here i like the content you got going on with this one, its pretty interesting, and while its not the most perfectioned flash around i still thought it was pretty good, maybe later ill suggest some new ideas, but for now i think you did a good job on this one. Congradulations on the awards you have recieved on this flash entry, seems like you put the time and it shows with the awards, so props to you on that junction. Now this being sixteen megabites thats ok but does seem like muct at times, but you did win some awards so guess it was all worth the effort, I like the theme here with "SONIC" and all that was pretty neat, and there was some amusing jokes and you made fun and entertaining and thats all really that really made it good for me so nice effort there. Anyways good entertainment here you really know how to push the effort to the next level, and you really bring it out on the screen so nice job on this one and good effort here, And its sad that im comming close to the end of this review because i really liked what you had to offer here,

Some things here were pretty awsome, you have some alright visuals and i was pleased with most of it and while thats all pretty good, But i hope i can find some suggestions that may help and improve on this, if not then it was all a good experience here, But with this one you have everything covered well so maybe more jokes would be a plus for this, untill next time good luck.