Reviews for "Super Norris Advance"


Cha0tic221 responds:


The Last Achievement was a hard one.

If only Super Ninja were unlockable.

origional and hilarious,
played till i got all the medals


This game was fun to play, nice to look at, and totally absorbing in its plot.

The gameplay was challenging, but not impossible. Sure, I did get more than a little frustrated at the final boss fight, but what can you expect from Bowser?

I think my favorite part was the end, when you free the harem of women that Bowser was trying to keep as his own disgusting slaves. Mario did a good job of rescuing the princess, but it's disgusting to think that he knew about the harems and did nothing for them. This game righted a long look-over wrong, and it's about time justice was shown towards these poor women.

This game is just all-round excellent.