Reviews for "take care of the trees"

The game was odd and pointless, but has a humor to it.

Controls/gameplay sucked, though.

It was interesting, but it never really felt like a game. It's just a linear path with no obstacles. I thought the end was just the intro and the actual game would start. Are you planning to expand on this?

It's creepy that when you get to the village everyone dies,and zelda reference IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE...TAKE THIS

It was odd, but I liked it a fair bit. the music was quite good, and i enjoyed playing it. Bit short, though.

i do like that it has some bits that you don't need to read but what i hate is that i don't get it why did he kill the town people why did i need to go in the cave if the game ends before you get out of the cave it was fun but i don't really understand the story i hope to see a part 2 as it feel like a good game but ends to soon a 2 for now make more for this