Reviews for "take care of the trees"

I actually enjoyed that very much. Even though it was confusing, It was very screwed up << And I enjoyed it. I wish it could have gone on longer, but yeah. I liked, good job man. Make another game like this, and amp up the story so it's a bit longer, I loved it.

just like everyone else,I'll ask,What is this?

Take Care of the Trees? Well to start with none of the characters have animations. The game is about three minutes long and the story makes about as much sense as this game getting a spot on Newgrounds to begin with. And this is featured on the front page!?! The art and graphics arent bad but thats were it ends. Come on Newgrounds, give someone more deserving the front page. This game is crap!

I'm not sure what happened, but thanks for the medals. 8D

it was fun entertained me for five minutes a bit creepy but thats cool umm but why is it better with a headset???