Reviews for "take care of the trees"

Hard one to right, I kinda got the point, the point is it's just a testing game. Kinda weird. I wish there was more audio dialog, and more to the game, I hope to see a longer version or a continuation of this game. Still weirded out now.

Is there a plot to this game I feel quite confused with it? The carnage was awesome thanks!

That was a hard one to rate ... If there is a point ot it, I guess I didn't get it ... But it was crazy enough to keep me playing, so thank you I guess ... :D

aside from the screen effects at the end, this was really unfun to navigate. you had all these long corridors to navigate, the the movement didnt flow, and making a left or right move would stop the player in his tracks if you started to move forward.

I wouldn't even call it experimental, just looks like you were trying stuff out, didn't like where it was going, but didnt want to feel like you wasted your time so you threw it up, and labeled it as such.

So beautiful, and so sad.