Reviews for "take care of the trees"

Hahaha.... what?

Music was very alluring (what is the name of of the song?)
That was weird.... 4.5 stars! still weird, though.

like the concept
but half a star lost for controls

Awesome concept, really cool story and nice voice acting... ends too abruptly. A longer game with this sort of mind screw gameplay would be something to behold.

PrettyMuchBryce responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

I tried going to the village before the brother did, only to find they were already dead.

The story and plot was bad. The voice acting was okay for a flash game and you didn't explained the back story. Why did my brother started killing everybody in the town and how he did it so fast you did not explain. Because it would take like 4 or 5 hours to kill everybody in that town and to fire all the houses but it's a game so whatever. Maybe my brother was pyschopath when we're childs maybe he went insane because of that town or he did it for revenge l don't know because you did not revealed the backstory for the game so the plot is a mysterie. We have to make up our own backstory for the game was that why you didn't maked a backstory for the game? well the game is relaxing for the most part. l was expecting more so take my 2.5 the game could have got a 3.5 if you explained the backstory and if the gameplay had animations and if the gameplay wasn't messed up. Sorry for my bad english. English isn't my native languange