Reviews for "take care of the trees"

what the hell did i just experience

Not good. Game is too short (and without reason) to keep up with voice acting (which is ok). Also, keep in mind that slaughtering/killing children, even in a mild, pixelated environment, is a no-no. Try to avoid that in the future (YES, yes, I know, this is a '12 game, anyway).

Other than that, there is nothing really good about it.

Well that was just fucked up

who speaks Tagalog? What is the english translation of the Tagalog word 'mabilis'? anyway, why did my brother kill all people? and what happened to the suspicius caravan guy?

PrettyMuchBryce responds:

All good questions my friend.

heheh. I had the last 8 minutes of BrewStew's first podcast playing while I played this. it really worked for it. you should consider a collab, mayhap? Say, you could totally do a parody version of Fullmetal Alchemist with this. PLEASE?