Reviews for "take care of the trees"

Well, I hope it's not a copy of dragon age but I kinda liked it. I liked the way the screen tilted when you played as the murdering brother.
At first, I blamed all of the deaths on the trees :)
Anyhow, Nice music.

Hmm...I played it right the first time but when I played it the second time I didn't talk to my brother first, I just went all the way down and got the ax..My question is..why was everything burned down already if I didn't talk to the brother? I left him where he was, and went to the merchant and stuff was already sold out .__. Idk It would have been cool to go down and interact with the people and houses before it was all burned down v.v Great game though! :D

its okay short and sweet but it felt like you just snipped out a part from dragon age 2 and animated it. this happened in an almost identical instance in dragon age 2 and the voice for i can hear the music brother i belive you actually took from that game with the exact voice over >.>

Well, that was interesting, tho.

I loved the music and pixelated graphics :3

Wow its...weird but interesting