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Reviews for "Entropy"

Unpolished visuals, ridiculously abrupt ending and an overall lack of any obvious direction. Meh.


Am I lacking in the creative imaginative department; or did none of this really seem to make all that much sense?

Where is the relevance of your description to the plot! Holy frigging crap! The animation ended with a really stupid anti-climatic cliffhanger, which had no purpose in composing anything at all, and the meteors being a "corruption" within nature made absolutely no sense.

Meteors don't corrupt nature they ARE NATURE. Ask the dinosaurs, they will tell you. The graphical quality was terrible with twisting and bending features in the main character who held his consistency like a spilled glass of water. The music seemed to just endlessly loop for the most part and once again, there is no relevance to what happened in the flash and your description.

I don't know all the conditions of NATA but this definitely needs work. Graphical and auditory quality could use a great deal of work; but those things aren't the actual problem. The problem is execution. The pacing was off and nothing was explained in a good manner. People want to find logic and sense in flashes, something that makes it so the story doesn't seem so forced and the characters and scenes within are rational and explainable.


This is a genuinely interesting video but it suffers from one fatal flaw:

It's quite anti-climactic. There is no true 'conclusion' or 'outtro' if you will. It just seems to cut off abruptly and doesn't have any wind down period, etc. I'm pretty sure that me and several other viewers are left scratching our heads (Read: Not trying to understand it, but rather wondering what happened to the remainder of the story- or ultimately why your conclusion was so lacking).

Otherwise this was rather well done. The animation style is refreshing and seemingly organic. The music also matched the scenario rather well.


how dose meteors = nature corrupting it self, and tree poling = time manipulator, and it splits into two doing what? all of it makes not to much scenes to me. but hey, im kinda drunk so idk. good job i guess?