Reviews for "Deadswitch"

Can't deny pixels as good animation.

Very good game :D

Jogo mt bugado man >:(

How can I get the 2 medals of Barrel fury and the pro, please help I only miss those two :v

xWILKINx responds:

Barrel Fury: Destroy 50 barrels
The Pro: Win a game of deathmatch with at least 50 kills and no deaths


This game is very good played it since i was a child.If you are working on deadswitch III i have some sugestions:
-Have more customazation for the character i mean at least as in Deadswitch I
-Make so you can customize the weapon with sights,scopes,supressors,flash lights,lasers,etc
-Know this point is debatable this is just my opinion i liked more how the caracters looked in Deadswitch I again debatable
-The finale sugestion is ambitious: make a campaign i dont mean like a rly good story or something but a set of missions beside the normal modes.Like lets say you and another soldier assault a bulding or something in order to get some data EX
Thats it keep up the good work :)