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Reviews for "Manhunt"

lol flating arm ace animation to

very put togather, voice acting and all


FIve star's

Wish I could add more but my brain is taking a nap.

Hope to see more from you 3D or 2D.

This video is good. Especially the quality. Good job for the video, but one complaint I have is that this video lags so you'll have to wait like five minutes if you want no lags. Other than that, good job.

This was amazing! The animation was realistic, the town was gorgeous, it was awesome. Only qualm I have is with the modeling of the boys body, proportions and number of polygons, but I guess that can be seen as a stylistic thing.

That being said, I loooovveed it. Great job, funny story. I was really emersed in the world you created. I can only imagine what you could have done with more time!

Loved the animation and enviroment! and also the ending, was pretty funny to see. pretty refreshing keep it up!