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Reviews for "Manhunt"

Awesome job man. There's a few moments when the movements aren't that believable, but I have the same problems... its just something that gets better with experience. I like atmosphere and the style. Your foliage was really nice and fit it quite well. I really like your solution for grass.
My one issue with this is the character bodies - their heads are smoothed, but the bodies are still low poly. There needs to be some consistency, either smooth the bodies, or have low poly heads. Not sure if this was intended, but it just stuck out like a soar thumb to me.
I'm glad to see another 3d piece up.. Cant wait for newgrounds to be a more open portal for this kind of stuff.

Also, to the guy complaining about file size... you obviously know nothing. 130mb for him to still keep this quality and HD size is great. This is a different medium than swf..

Awesome, but for christ's sake, compress the video! One hundred thirty five megabytes for four minutes of video? Even on my internet, that's a little bit ridiculous.

Good job MCGEE, i love you

I may not be a big fan of zombies, but this new 3d animation is amazing!!!!!!!!
I was also amazed to know Rina-chan did a voice-over in this!!!!!!!!!!

Kept me entertained.
kinematics were pretty good, though would have love to see more stumbling from the guy around street corners.
Regardless of the films nature, i think it'd be perfect presentation to show kids who are interested in the field of 3d

Damn also reminds me that i need to make some myself, i'm falling short with just art posts.
Great to see more autodesk users on newgrounds!