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Reviews for "Made In China"

Was this like the chronology of a dream or something? Idk, it was interesting, dont see why its labeled "Made in china". Lackluster anitmation, and basic music leave with the score is all. At least you didnt make something long and complicated for no point. Btw, when you uploaded this, it was 7:39AM Pacific Time,

The viewer shouldn't have to guess what the plot is in the first place or even what the hell youre trying to potray....It was below average.

Author: I really don't understand why you did this. I'm not saying I don't understand the movie, just the reason for it's existence. I also don't understand the difference between "pharmacy" and "art" in your explanation, nor where in this movie "high art" is referenced. I thought the music overshadowed the film, and the juxtaposition of an aimless movie against a purposeful score was ineffective and highlighted the wandering arbitrariness of the film.

Viewers: This is not an homage or a deep statement, the author himself states in his own summary that it is only "a continuous stream of thoughts". Imagine this film without the music, or with any non-symphonic music - amateur cartoon artists constantly use orchestral music to add epic connotations to films without epic content.

My biggest criticism is that the quality of the animation seemed to fluctuate from good to abysmal. I would have liked to see some consistency, and the lack of it was distracting. This is exasterbated by the fact that a majority of the animation fell below the bar; or perhaps the fact that you demonstrated that you could do better set the bar too high for the rest of the animation - either way, it felt poorly executed.

peef2 responds:

thanks for your comment. the contrast was intentional, and i can see why you see that. i will try to work on reducing the fluctuation in the future.

Ok so... if a story is boring at first.. then most people won't read it to the end.
This was.. really boring and confusing at first. Sorry, but the message was hard to get. Strange stuff, and it was.. uninteresting.
Idk why i watched it all.