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Reviews for "Made In China"

I found this Mildly disturbing at some points, scary at others and then just completely Interesting...
Allthough im not really completely sure what the animation is supposed to be about i have the feeling that we arent supposed to know.
.. or maybe im just dumb...
Either way~ this animation made me think alot about life and what it means to be alive.
Also i laughed when the pharmacy man blew his head....

i agree with @o0OInuyashaO0o completely

I don't remember doing acid today...

peef2 responds:

i added some in your breakfast.

The art is brilliant! The animation needs more refining though. It was slow on some parts too but I thought it matches the phase of the music. Honestly, I liked the plot, somewhat abstract. Although there were parts that you could have done with a better delivery. The music is very good. I say the plot described the music well, just like a stream of thoughts. Overall, a nice and refreshing film. 4/5

animation was okay, plot was a bit befuddling but i think i got the point. the music was just stupendous and sublime and made this review jump a few stars. your drawings were amazing at some points and horrifying in others. it would be nice to have some color but i'm sure your theme was to keep it simple, black and white and easy. very decent work, but you could improve in some areas. like animation, color, faster film and drawing. but besides all that i think you did a wonderful job.