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Reviews for "Made In China"

I really liked everything apart from the character design. The music was ominous but not over dramatic, it had class and gave the animation a sincere mood. You're art style is nice and i liked the black and white sketchy backgrounds with the red blood. Perhaps a few other splashes of color here and there would have been nice? The pacing was great and the cuts and imagery were really nice, some interesting references in there (i noticed shrodingers cat, the scream, c'est ne pas un pipe, van goghs starry night) and an unusual sense of purpose not normally found in such fast paced flashes. I really liked the imagery of the wine glass smashing and coming back together and the semi-plot of the mans visit to the doctor and struggle with his illness gave me a central thread to keep hold off throughout this surreal adventure. But i was really put off by the character design! The simplistic stick man style just looked really out of place and childish. Not that there's anything wrong with childishness it just didn't fit with the rest of the flash.
An interesting submission and a fun watch, good work!

Liked it. it's 15:48 over here

I dunno what the hell that was but I loved every second of it :) Was really good, I liked your drawings & the images being presented, the randomness & the music made it a real thrill. I also liked how you only used black, white & greys, the grey backgrounds also got seriously good as it went on. Keep up the good work :)

Here? It's 22:57 or 10:57 if you prefer.

WTF!? good job!