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Reviews for "Made In China"

Awesome! I really like your drawing style, especially the contrast between the pencil-drawing-look-alike background and the rudimentary animated figures. It fits strangely enough. The detail in your drawings is astonishing as well. How did you do them, on paper or the tablet or so?

Random thoughts is the best description for the content, but I like it. There's a nice pace in it, and it sets of a stream of thoughts in my own head as well. I enjoyed it thoroughly, thanks!

peef2 responds:

thanks for your comment! i used a tablet. lenovo x200 tablet. wish i had a crazy huge wacom cintiq, but the tablet will do.

Liked it. it's 15:48 over here

I dunno what the hell that was but I loved every second of it :) Was really good, I liked your drawings & the images being presented, the randomness & the music made it a real thrill. I also liked how you only used black, white & greys, the grey backgrounds also got seriously good as it went on. Keep up the good work :)

Here? It's 22:57 or 10:57 if you prefer.

WTF!? good job!