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Reviews for "Made In China"

My biggest criticism is that the quality of the animation seemed to fluctuate from good to abysmal. I would have liked to see some consistency, and the lack of it was distracting. This is exasterbated by the fact that a majority of the animation fell below the bar; or perhaps the fact that you demonstrated that you could do better set the bar too high for the rest of the animation - either way, it felt poorly executed.

peef2 responds:

thanks for your comment. the contrast was intentional, and i can see why you see that. i will try to work on reducing the fluctuation in the future.

i agree with @o0OInuyashaO0o completely

I found this Mildly disturbing at some points, scary at others and then just completely Interesting...
Allthough im not really completely sure what the animation is supposed to be about i have the feeling that we arent supposed to know.
.. or maybe im just dumb...
Either way~ this animation made me think alot about life and what it means to be alive.
Also i laughed when the pharmacy man blew his head....

No plotline... not trying to be mean, but it kinda stunk. ( its 10:15 )

Liked it. it's 15:48 over here