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Reviews for "Made In China"

Wow, this was very impressive. But are you sure you were on a TRIP to CHINA? =D
That's really awesome, I liked the one with Schroedinger's cat :)

Very fascinating, like a stream of consciousness. Loved the math/science references (Schrodinger's cat, thermodynamic tendencies of the universe).

nothing is absolute, everything is relative

Here? It's 22:57 or 10:57 if you prefer.

An odd combination of serious and silly. There was a lot of strength in this flash, in the music, the backgrounds, the detailed, stylized drawings of medical equipment, and the general atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. All of these made the flash engaging, both conceptually and artistically. But there was something else that was just off... mostly, it was the way the people were drawn. It seemed too light-hearted, and uncomfortably out of place in the darker, more serious atmosphere. But this was made worse by the occasional spastic and playful moments, which just didn't fit at all. I really do like your style for the most part, you just need to keep your style consistent, in the way you draw your characters and the way you use them. I hope to see more from you.