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Reviews for "Made In China"

You know...
I'm glad I decided to watch this.
Really interesting.


It truly reminded me of those classic disney movies, where u go on the draft, Like Fantasia, where only a orchestra puts the mood and pressure on what is happening, i simply loved it, it gave me that melancholic feeling of a mixture of moments it was great, good job! not many creators like this this days its simply wonderful

Great story. Backgrounds looked amazing. loved the dramatic music

Its about time, this is what we need more of. Every so often a flash comes out that reminds us there is more than one way to do things. It embodies the spirit of being more experimental and free with your ideas. I like this very much.

Really fucking good job! beautiful, truly beautiful.

I love these kind of projects,or hate not quite shure.
It's great when a movie or film gets you to think,most people my age would just go: "hey where's the esplosions?this sucks it doesnt have a story or anything wablewable".Sure from time to time explosions are good ,but hiw many people can achieve this kind of movie?Where you not only find stories(like the man the was dieing in yout film) but toughts.I'm not shure if got what you wanted the espectator to get but...for me these are some of the things I got from it
for example the rat part where he put the siringe and threw it away it seemed like a comparission
of his role as human today,you serve society,produce your little bit out of the mass then get thrown away so you can wait death sleping with your mouth open.also the surgery part he tought what he shoud have done instead of just going around working for the people,wich it was living in beach enjoing nature Im really not shure.
also I disagree people complaining about the artstyle,I think the artstyle takes part in the way the movie,story,etc is told,and I think it fits.
(sorry if iscrewed up in the english im brazilian)
oh its21:34 and your blog is really nice keep making work like this please