Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

It's a lil' screwy for a Robot Unicorn knock-off. I give it a 3.

The title screen is buggy. I can use the scroll wheel to go between 'prince' and 'ss' and 'CHAINSA' 'W' while mousing over them. Either you used an IOS->Flash.swf convertor, and didn't think to correct it. Also, the Twitter link doesn't work. Gameplay is functional, but Robot Unicorn Attack did it better. Music is nice, I'd wish you credit it so I can follow up on the artist.

It's a decent game. I want to rate it higher, but these above problems had me thinking you just wanted to shovel this out as soon as possible, or you might of copied it from someone else.

ninjaLad responds:

Thanks for the feedback! The font was messed up on the title screen because I forgot to embed it properly in the swf, but it should be fixed now. I'm off to work this morning but I will fix the twitter button tonight. The music was from a stock website, but I'll add the credits tonight as well (if I can find them). The app was written in flash first, then ported over to corona for mobile afterward--it runs much better on mobile at 60 fps, as I didn't take advantage of any blitting techniques etc. in flash.

Looks promising, but hardly playable in a convenient way having a qwertz layout.
A pity to see many flashes not complying to that issue by featuring either configurable controls or - as I've seen couple of times now as well - using x+c as actionbuttons, rather than z+x.
(I mean I can't program sh*t, but is it that hard for eXample have both z and y trigger the same action if one even refuses to consider x+c as layout?)

Bad music choice, lack of being able to mute it is a real problem. Messy background, hard to tell what's going on in the foreground. Massive slowdown even on a high-end gaming computer...